Exercise – Logo Worksheets

Logo Worksheets

Find a wide range of insignia, emblems, badges and other forms of logos, draw them and highlight their basic shapes, noting dominant elements and components.

Use one or more logo to explore the visual possibilities.

Sketches and notes on a range of logos.

logo-worksheets-sketchbook logo-worksheets-sketchbook-1 logo-worksheets-sketchbook-2 logo-worksheets-sketchbook-3

After noting some very general obsevations, I moved onto illustrator to play with a few logos to see how using different shapes as a basis would work with each one. I chose one that used letterfoms, one that used a letter and a shape, and one that was made up of shapes to see how these different components affected the outcome.

(observation notes on individual pages)



Famous Stars and Straps




In a time when printed media dominated, I think that the overall shapes that a logo formed would dictact it’s application, for example; a landscape rectangle would work better than a circle for a letterhead. Space on a page needed to be utilised as best as possible. In a digital world, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are limitations when setting profile pictures and cover images or banners but white space isn’t wasted, in that it wouldn’t cost money or the environment. That said, a poorly fitted profile image or banner is not good for business. A logo needs to be flexible – to fit into a circle, square and rectangle, or be adapted to these shapes in order to meet all criteria. I’d suggest that this would now be the case for printed media, we are so over stimulated/bombarded with products that people are looking for new ways/places to appear in the physical world, so their brands must remain flexible in the same way as above.



I wasn’t sure if I was meant to be coming up with new logos or playing with the ones that exist, I went with the latter. It was interesting to see how the logos worked (or didn’t) when forced into different shapes. A logo is only a part of a brand, I think a sign of a good logo is to be able to alter it to fit multiple applications without losing its identity.


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