Assignment – Food and Drink

Food and Drink

You’ve been commissioned to develop a small one-off publication for a Sunday paper that celebrates any aspect of food and drink. The publication will appear as an insert within a Sunday supplement, is A5 in size and run no more that 12 pages including covers.

For the content, draw on any aspect of food and drink that interests you. Your design should make reference to the visual culture surrounding your choices. Reference any material. Consider typefaces, text integration, hierarchy and grids.

future publications will only be available online, reflect on your designs and how you would approach a web version.

Research and Notes

screen shots and photos of research material (Magazine covers)

(photos of cookery books)

(Olive magazine)

The books and magazines that I chose are very close to the areas of food and drink that interest me. I like how simplistic and easy they are to read. Each page is very different in its layout which makes it easy to remember the content. I love the use of basic illustration to make the pages more interesting without being over bearing or distracting from the point.

Areas of food and drink

I’m lucky enough to live in a place that is bursting with inspiring, fresh, organic produce and the plentiful markets that bring it all together. If anything, I needed to reduce down the content, so I listed things into possible categories/pages and went from there…

Once I’d chosen and gathered all of my content (all references at the bottom of the page) I did some basic illustrations to add to the pages.

During this part of the process, I remembered that I needed to include contact info and websites. Websites led onto social media links, which I would intend to be hyperlinks in the online publications.

I gathered background images and textures (referenced) that would support my idea of fresh, country grown food (grass, wood, plants, etc) And using my sketches of grid systems from my research material, I put together the content using illustrator.

I noticed that my research material used a lot of different typefaces, but when I looked closer, I noticed that they were in loose-fitting ‘groups’ that seemed to compliment each other, so I narrowed my choices down to a couple of groups that I thought would work well, and could also interchange depending on the page.


Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 14.02.30

I played around with the composition, knowing roughly the colour scheme (based on the main images). It was trial and error, because I wanted to try to be creative with the grid system which still feels like new territory to me. I essentially stuck to the guides that I set out, which frustrated me a little, but I think the publication’s hierarchy and content is clear.


(front cover)

Food and drink Front cover_front cover

(pages 1-8)

(back cover)

Food and drink Front cover_back cover

I purposely broke my ideas up into categories that would easily translate into options on a menu bar online. I could use the same type faces and illustrations, but the content itself would be easily accessable using links. There’s a section with a direct link to the twitter feed/page. This section could also be used for advertising….

Web Mock up



I am really pleased with this piece of work, I think it’s one of my strongest to date. My research was in depth and it left me with more ideas than I ended up using. For a subject that I don’t particularly have much interest in, I ended up down a rabbit hole of amazing content and beautiful photos from people that are passionate about food and drink – it certainly made it easier. I’m happy that each page had it’s own theme and that I didn’t stick with the safe option of making it all the same – that would not have been fitting for what I had researched and set out to do. My layout, choice of typefaces and illustrations reflect the ethos of the establishments I’ve included. My content could have branched further afield (Somerset is pretty big) but I love how people in this area embrace the artisan, fresh, clean eating culture, and that’s what I wanted to capture.


Response to Tutor Feedback

I was generally quite pleased with the feedback for this assignment.The focus was on font size and trying to be consistent when filling (or over filling) a column/page, essentially, attention to detail.

I went back through each page reduced the font size, and where relevant, I increased the image size so that there weren’t unecessary gaps. Other bits of text like addresses, website names and justification needed tidying up.

*Info and image references below

Food and Drink V2


food-and-drink-front-v2-_contents food-and-drink-front-v2-_adverts

food-and-drink-front-v2-_buy-local1 food-and-drink-front-v2-_buy-local2

food-and-drink-front-v2-_independent1 food-and-drink-front-v2-_independent2

food-and-drink-front-v2-_drinks food-and-drink-front-v2-_eat-out


Web Version V2

I also didn’t draw on many differences between printed and digital media. Digital media tends to be landscape and can be rotated. You can also fit much more on the page by removing a large proportion of the body text and replacing it with a link, readers therefore do not need to trawl through information that isn’t relevant to them. The page is interactive – it can include social media, adverts, the ability to interact instantly with the subject, and branches off into like subjects of interest.


Food and Drink References

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Write up: Rowena Candy

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