Exercise – Travel


A magazine called Travel has asked you to create a grid system to support the layout of photos, content and details about destinations across a range of pages.The clients want the magazine to feel more like a coffee table book or journal or journal rather than a throw away magazine.

Notes on brief and research

Travel guide sketchbook

I looked up travel magazines and books to get an idea of how their layouts work. They all look like they’re trying to fit a lot of info into the space they have. The one that stood out the most to me for their minimalistic approach is the ‘another escape’ range of covers. I think that I need to aim for a middle ground – fitting in  plenty of information without over crowding he page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 13.21.29 Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 13.20.22 luxurytravelmag georges.turkey DK.eyewitness CultureTravel

More notes on research and ideas for grids/measurements:

Travel guide sketchbook-1 Travel guide sketchbook-2

I decided that the clearest way of seeing what will work is to make the mock ups on my mac.

4 columns looks like it will be too busy, so I prefer the 3 column mock up.

4column 3column

I decided to centralise the margins because I think that it looks a little more modern. The margins are quite big, so the content will still be visible.

3column revised

I placed text, pictures and tables onto the grid to see the different ways it can be used – different pages show how different elements can dominate the page and still use the grid. I used filler text and images from a family holiday in Morzine, France and Snowdonia.

Travel Grid System Travel Grid System3 Travel Grid System4 Travel Grid System1 Travel Grid System5


I felt really limited with this exercise – it’s not particularly something I’ve explored in any detail before, so it is very basic. A lot of my time was spend watching tutorials on how to make grids, so I have learned something, but my use of the grids I created shows that I’m a novice. With more experience, I imagine that I’ll become more adventerous. I read that some designers struggle with the uses of grid systems because they can become quite restrictive. That said I have seen many interesting magazine layouts that I think have followed a grid.


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