Exercise – One Hundred And One

One Hundred And One

Develop a series of ideas for an item, similar to that of ‘101 uses for a dead cat’. Be exhaustive, try variations of similar ideas.

This was a useful but challenging exercise. I managed to come up with a few uses for my item (A Bourbon biscuit) but ultimately ended up asking what other people would do with it.

I used some suggestions to come up with other ideas.

Ex6-2 Ex6 Ex6-1

I wanted to avoid just writing lists/brainstorms and try to actually visualise the ideas, but I think this limited me a bit.

Although I did more than I thought I would, I have decided to leave it for a few days and come back to it, I am hoping that stepping away for a bit will give me a fresh approach.

I have been told in the past that my design process is quite linear, this was the ideal exercise to get me to think more diversely.


Stepping away from this for a while did help, as did resigning to simply writing a list. Different approaches were the key to this I think.



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