Exercise – Patterns


Pick up on the details of a typeface. Develop some repeat patterns through repeating, reversing, rotating, overlapping or a combination of these processes. 

Explore how you can develop or simplify the designs.

I chose a different typeface for this exercise, but kept the idea of something decorative, I thought this would give me more interesting shapes to work with. I used HappyMonksMedievalLookingScript.

From there, I tried to develop the designs by adding colour/stroke to define some of the details.

This was a great learning exercise, I got to use clipping masks and patterns   which I have used in the past but only in a limited capacity. With a little more confidence using these tools, I tried to consider how I could simplify the design. This turned out to be harder part of the brief.

Ex3 simple.develop patterns

I felt limited to removing the stroke/background colours. I was reluctant to remove element of the designs, but I felt that they were made from very little to start with.

I thought that maybe my choice of typeface would have an effect of simplicity. I tried a few examples with News Gothic MT.

Ex3 new font patterns

This was actually a lot more effective. I felt that my choices were a lot more limited, and less cluttered. Although I quite like some of the retro looking patterns created with the first typeface, these ones are bolder and stronger.

Ex3 new font exploring patterns

This exercise feels a little inconclusive, because I could just go and on with it, using what is essentially a very simple formula. I’ve really enjoyed doing this.



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