Exercise – Visual Dynamics

Visual Dynamics

Choose a typeface and pick up on the detail of the different elements. Using a square format, thinking about scaling, cropping or framing make the most of the visual dynamics. 

Repeat, and explore different colours and tonal combinations.

I decided that I would do all of this exercise using Illustrator. I wanted to find an interesting typeface.

Ex 2 Visual Dynamics

I chose to use a typeface called ‘Austie Bost All My Love’ because of the shapes of the detail. I wanted to be able to crop/frame parts of the letters in a way that you wouldn’t be able to tell what they had started out as. My selections were based on trying to capture a range of structural parts of the letters.

vis dynamics detail vis dynamics 2

After creating a set of shapes, I added colour. I played with the negative space as well as colour. This allowed me to explore the dynamics as stand alone shapes rather than parts of cropped letters, it also meant that I could include more colours. I had pretty basic ideas that I worked with whilst doing this – monochrome, primary, secondary, and complimentary colours and like colours of differing shades/tints.

vis dym w colour

This was quite fun and interesting, though I thought I would plough through it a lot quicker than I did! The trial and error was valuable and worth the time, it’s useful to see how letterforms work as shapes when approached in this way and how it could translate to other pieces of design.

  • After reading the brief for the next exercise and realising that it focused on patterns, I decided to edit a couple of the images from this one where I had created patterns that dominated the square. This exercise was just aimed at how to use colour. In hind sight, this actually made this exercise a little more challenging, because I was limited with the shapes I had chosen and colour, it was hard not to deviate from this and include other elements.

Revised version:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.46.25



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